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Jeff Rohrs  

Jeff Rohrs

Principal, Marketing Research and Education

Recovering attorney turned professional marketer, Jeff Rohrs, ExactTarget's Vice President of Marketing, began his email marketing career as President of Optiem, a digital marketing agency based in Cleveland, Ohio, and one of ExactTarget's original Reseller Partners. Since joining ExactTarget, Jeff has spearheaded the Reseller Program and guided interactive marketing efforts through websites, blogs, and social networks.

Jeff currently helps direct ExactTarget's Marketing Research & Education team and ponders how the digital marketing evolution will impact companies and consumers alike. He acts as a steward for ExactTarget's thought leadership, speaking at industry events about how the digital marketing world is evolving.

You can find Jeff at:
, Twitter (@JKRohrs), or blogging on www.subscribersrule.com and www.thefourrights.com

Morgan Stewart  

Morgan Stewart

CEO & Co-Founder at Trendline Interactive

Morgan Stewart began his email marketing journey in 1999 when he managed the development of Pampers websites and email marketing programs across the U.S., Western Europe, and South America. Morgan came to ExactTarget in 2004 to launch ExactTarget's strategic consulting group, which he managed for more than 3 years. His true interests lie in demographics and studying how consumers interact with brands. He now serves as ExactTarget's industry expert on marketing trends across all interactive channels.

Considered one of the industry's thought leaders in interactive marketing research, Morgan is a regular columnist for Mediapost's Email Insider and frequently appears in industry publications such as BtoB Magazine, DM News and MarketingSherpa. His work has also been featured in national publications including Fortune, Forbes, and Newsweek.

You can find Morgan at:
, Twitter (@mostew), or blogging on emailresearchcenter.com and www.subscribersrule.com
Check out more of Morgan's research on ExactTarget.com